500 mg, full spectrum, CBD oil tincture made with natural hemp seed oil. Pure, all natural, high

quality. Locally grown and processed in Arizona with no added chemicals.

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500 MG CBD Oil Tincture

All natural, premium quality CBD oil tincture made with natural, cold pressed hemp seed oil.


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About Us

MJ&J Farms is a small family farm located in Northern Arizona, We were founded in 2019 and we take pride in the quality of our hemp crop that we used to create our CBD oil. We are happy to talk with our buyers and answer any questions they might have about how we grew our crop and created our oil.

Our CBD oil is a premium quality oil that you can trust. Our oil is all natural, we grew without any chemicals, in soil that was high quality without any added chemicals. We mixed our extract with high quality, natural, pure hemp seed oil for even more benefits and better taste. Our oil can be used internally or mixed with your favorite cream or lotion.

Our oil is 100% Arizona grown and processed and we were involved in every step. We started with high quality hemp plants that we planted by hand with natural plant food, We harvested by hand and milled by hand. We are confident that we can guarantee the quality of or product from soil to oil!

Soil and Oil reports

Research on potential benefits of CBD Oil

Everyday there is more and more research into the potential benefits of CBD oil. Some reported benefits are:

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